DOE Hanford 618-10 Team Reaches Successful Milestones

June 26, 2017

DOE Hanford issued a recent press release on the critical components of remediation and cleanup of what used to be one of the most hazardous waste sites on the Hanford Site. These critical componenets are the removal of the final buried piece of vertical pipe unit(s) (VPU’s) filled with contaminated waste, and the removal of contaminated soil from the 316-4 waste site,  both of which Polestar Technical Services has been supporting since 2009. 

“Completing these tasks are truly amazing accomplishments and we have the team of hard-working, highly experienced people at the 618-10 Project to thank for it,” said Bryan Foley, federal project director for the burial ground cleanup at the Department of Energy’s Richland Operations Office (RL).


Since 2009 and continuing through 2017, Polestar has been part of the overall success of the 618-10 team, with contributions in areas including: 


  • Concept design including specialized pieces of equipment for waste retrieval from 94 Vertical Pipe Units 

  • Characterization, non-destructive assay and tracking of 2200 burial ground drums 

  • Development of the 618-10 burial ground radioactive source term and inventory

  • Construction of 618-10 site infrastructure 

  • Authorization basis development and unreviewed safety question support

  • Emergency preparedness planning  

  • Resident engineer support for burial ground drum excavation and drum handling

  • Project startup and project execution support for VPU and Burial Ground waste retrievals 

  • Remobilization planning for the 618-10 Burial Grounds and 316-4 waste site


Polestar employees that took part in this phase of the work for CHPRC consisted of Gary MacFarlan, Marty Yakawich, Mark Morton and Dan Haggard.


"These achievements are the result of years of preparation,” said Tammy Hobbes, vice president of the 618-10 Project (at CH2M). “We are near the end of this remediation project, and we are proud of the teamwork and safe progress made.”


Check out the video of the 618.10 project:    Video overview


For more information about Polestar's Hanford contributions, download our Hanford Factsheet.   

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