Our Leadership Team

Kathy Miller

Managing Director and part owner for Polestar Technical Services.  More than 20 years of experience working in various federal and commercial nuclear operating environments from manufacturing and operations to deactivation and decommissioning as well as all aspects of business operations including contracts, finance and project controls.  Skilled facilitator for conducting teambuilding, strategy planning and organizational improvement workshops, leading large-scale change management and work process redesign projects.  Implemented Conduct of Operations, performed readiness assessments and requirements-based assessments, as well as life-cycle strategies and planning.




Patty Bailey

Director of Project Operations and part owner.  One of the Polestar Technical Services Directors and co-owner with over 25 years of experience in operations, training, safety, construction, and maintenance of nuclear facilities.  This includes extensive experience in the operation of a nuclear reprocessing plant, operations training programs, nuclear facility training management, facility deactivation, safety related programs, and construction lead.  Related experience includes facility assessments, work control, schedules, and budget management.  




Bill Bailey

Director, Engineering and Technical Programs and part owner.  32 years of experience in operations, deactivation, decommissioning and engineering of nuclear processing facilities including over 23 years at the US Department of Energy’s Hanford site.  Bill's experience also includes seven years managing major deactivation and transition projects, ten years in operations management including three years as plant manager at two reprocessing facilities, five years first line operations and engineering at the Plutonium Uranium Extraction (PUREX) Plant and 4 years in the United Kingdom at various nuclear sites.  Related experience in organization redesign, chemical plant training, business development strategies, accident investigation, labor contract negotiations and conducting plant operations in high security environments.  Trained in Incident Command System, Conduct of Operations and Chemical Security Vulnerability Analysis.  A recipient of two Vice Presidential Golden Hammer Awards for re-inventing US government programs.   


Mark Morton Sr.

Manager, Facility Shutdown and Decommissioning. Engineering and project manager with 35+ years of nuclear, power and heavy industrial plant experience covering all aspects of a plants life-cycle.  Has worked exclusively in the post-operational phase of plant life, including shutdown, deactivation, and decommissioning (D&D) of major industrial complexes in both the government and commercial sectors in the US and internationally for the past 30 years.