Polestar is pleased to offer the following  Safety, Risk and Reliability products, available to license exclusively through Polestar Technical Services.  

Other Available PRA Tools & Services


    PRA Applications Package-  Includes:

    FRANX - External event risk tool, (fire, flooding, seismic events, etc.)

    Sysimp - Systems Importance Calculator 

    EPsa - PRA Documentation Model

    RRutil - Provides user access to specialized utilities functions in CAFTA 

    PHOENIX  - Risk Monitor (sold separately)

    TRAINING- CAFTA Fault Tree Analysis - check back for updates 


CAFTA v 10 - Phoenix Architect is here!

This update has more than 100 changes and is available now.  Phoenix Archtiect includes the following products:


    CAFTA -  Fault Tree Analysis 

    PRAQuant -  Accident Sequence Notification Tool

    UNCERT - Uncertainty Evaluation Tool

    DPC  - Direct Probability Calculator

    ACUBE - Advanced Cutset Upper Bound Estimator


Annual Maintenance and Support Services

Polestar will provide telephone or email customer support during regular business hours 8-5pm PST.  Product updates are included with an active support agreement.  One year of maintenances is included with new purchases. 

For product pricing and renewal information contact us here:

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