Integrated Risk Technologies (IRT) Products and Services

Polestar is pleased to offer the following  Safety, Risk and Reliability products, available to license exclusively through Polestar Technical Services.  

Other Available PRA Tools & Services


    PRA Applications Package-  Includes:

    FRANX - External event risk tool, (fire, flooding, seismic events, etc.)

    Sysimp - Systems Importance Calculator 

    EPsa - PRA Documentation Model

    RRutil - Provides user access to specialized utilities functions in CAFTA 

    PHOENIX  - Risk Monitor (sold separately)

    TRAINING- CAFTA Fault Tree Analysis - check back for updates 


CAFTA v 10 - Phoenix Architect is here!

This update has more than 100 changes and is available now.  Phoenix Archtiect includes the following products:


    CAFTA -  Fault Tree Analysis 

    PRAQuant -  Accident Sequence Notification Tool

    UNCERT - Uncertainty Evaluation Tool

    DPC  - Direct Probability Calculator

    ACUBE - Advanced Cutset Upper Bound Estimator


Annual Maintenance and Support Services

Polestar will provide telephone or email customer support during regular business hours 8-5pm PST.  Product updates are included with an active support agreement.  One year of maintenances is included with new purchases. 

For product pricing and renewal information contact us here:

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