Jim Carey

Jim has extensive management experience in highly technical and engineering environments, with accomplishments in leadership, management, and applying management principles to improve performance and productivity.. Jim is recognized for his versatility and flexibility with a demonstrated effectiveness in working with people at all levels to achieve organizational results.  He has outstanding presentation, oral, and written communication skills.  Holds a MS in Business Administration and a BS in Physics.  He's been with Polestar since May, 2014

Bryan Coles

Bryan is a Senior Technical Consultant with over 30 years’ experience providing Nuclear Operations support to clients within the DOE.  His most recent assignment has been assisting the clients Training Department in implementing site level procedures, finding cost savings, assisting in delivery of training and supporting closure efforts, implementation of Training Order 426.2, new H&S procedures.  Bryan holds a BS in Physics and served in the US Nuclear Navy.  He's been with Polestar since January, 2009.

Tom Davies

Tom is a general nuclear engineer with 40+ years of federal experience with the US Department of Energy and its predecessor agencies.  He is a qualified DOE Facility Representative with oversight responsibilities at numerous Hanford Site facilities.  He is a Team Leader on DOE Operational Readiness Reviews and Readiness Assessments and has served on Source Evaluation Board Member (voting) for a major Hanford Site contract selection.  Tom is supporting the Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL) Research Technology Labs (RTL) Complex Demo Cost Estimate. 

Jo Lynn Draper

Jo Lynn is a Communications professional with 17 years experience.  She has worked as an editor and facilitator at the Hanford Site with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Washington Closure Hanford, and the U.S. Department of Energy.  Jo Lynn’s experience includes writing various articles for internal and external newsletters; working and leading high priority reports, proposals for internal and external publications; meeting facilitation; video and photography production; graphic/page layout production; and group and one-on-one training. 

In her free time Jo Lynn golfs, hikes, and volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America.

Nicole Ebert

​Nicole joined Polestar in 2018 to support a part-time contract to Mission Support Alliance to produce monthly ES&H performance reports, VPP and ISMS documents and a bi-monthly newsletter for the ES&H organization continuing support she has been providing to the organization for the past 8 years.  


Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government Journalism and 12 years of communication and reporting experience.

Nicole Ebert

Bob Egge

Bob is a Senior Technical Consultant with 20 years of experience including 2 years with WorleyParsons Polestar working on engineering, technical, management, and project activities at the Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site in Washington.  His most recent position was the D4 Project Engineer for Washington Closure Hanford which included engineering planning and project management support; support of surveillance and maintenance activities; deactivation, decontamination, decommissioning, and demolishing (D4) major nuclear complexes; and oversite of operations subcontracts, finance and project controls.  During Bob’s twenty years at the Hanford Site, he provided engineering and management support to the canyon processing facilities in the 200 Area (U Plant, B Plant, REDOX and PUREX); the reactor complexes in the 100 Area (100-B/C/D/DR/F/H/KE/KW/N); the 300 Area Labs and Fuel Processing Facilities and the 400 Area Fast Flux Test Facility.  Bob’s strength is his strong emphasis on the technical engineering aspect of plant operations through first hand field experience and historical records information.

Bob Egge

Lisa Ellertsen

Lisa joined Polestar in November of 2015,  providing administrative support to the Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) Surveillance Team.  Her background includes administrative and technical publications support to the Raytheon/BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels subsidiary) team on the IPM project, Raytheon’s Proposal Team,  and both BNFL and Bechtel National on the Waste Treatment Plant Project.   She also spent several years working directly with the public managing an insurance agency.  

Brian Epperson

Brian joined Polestar in 2018 as a Principal Technical Consultant performing tasks specific to radiation shielding for the Tank Side Cesium Removal project.  Brian holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Washington State.  He has over 20 years’ experience in the nuclear industry

Brian Epperson

Jessica Fuller

Jessica is a financial and project controls professional with broad experience in financial operations including billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, financial and management reporting, and supporting internal and external audits.  She's an effective analyst and communicator of project management data to project managers, clients and vendors for federally funded and commercial projects.  She's been with Polestar since October, 2010.

Dan Haggard

Dan is a Senior Technical Consultant with almost 40 years of experience within the DOE complex and he's a recognized subject matter expert in all aspects of nondestructive assay. His recent experience includes serving as a Mechanical Engineer in support of the Broad Based Review of the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant piping and  supporting to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as an NDA engineer for nondestructive assay reviews.  Dan's been with us since December, 2005

Walt Josephson

Senior Technical Consultant With over 31 years of engineering experience in nuclear-related industry, 21 years of which have been at the Hanford site. Areas of specialty include thermal analysis, criticality analysis, radiation shielding analysis, waste characterization, software development, and project management. Strengths include a high level of proficiency with engineering and scientific computing tools, and a thorough knowledge of regulations. With Polestar since February 2007

Mark Kerns

Mark is a senior professional with over 20 years of experience in the environmental and waste management fields.  Mr. Kerns was a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and brings an in-depth knowledge of the Washington Dangerous Waste Regulations having been responsible for field implementation and program management for various Department of Energy Hanford contractors.  In his role as an Environmental Waste Specialist Mark was the responsible authority for compliant management of wastes under federal and state regulations.  Mr. Kerns is a senior professional with over 20 years of experience in the environmental and waste management fields.  Mr. Kerns was a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and brings an in-depth knowledge of the Washington Dangerous Waste Regulations having been responsible for field implementation and program management for various Department of Energy Hanford contractors.  In his role as an Environmental Waste Specialist Mark was the responsible authority for compliant management of wastes under federal and state regulations. 

Gary MacFarlan, PMP

Gary is a demolition project manager with 20+ year history as successful supervisor / manager in lifecycle activities of radioactive and high complexity contaminated facilities from start up to demolition. His complex projects include: Emergency Dump Basin and Tank remove, hot cells removal and demolition; reactor dome removal; and the completion of $35M soil remediation project. Gary is proficient in earned value management system and P6 systems. He’s provided project management for Waste Characterization in Afghanistan and Kuwait and demolition / risk mgmt. and work at the Bradwell Site in UK.  With Polestar (with a break) since January, 2005

Mark Morton, Jr.

A Cost Engineer that has developed unique approaches to fulfill client requirements through integrated solutions. These include a rapidly deployable infrastructure with a deep-dive analysis and ad-hock reporting capabilities for client-specific outputs sometimes derived through the integration of sometimes “incompatible” cost capture and estimating systems. He has supported project management teams under volatile, emergent and emergency response projects to manage estimates and expenditures of ~$1B and is currently managing a portfolio valued in excess of $1.5B.  With Polestar since March, 2007.

Samee Nihill

Samee is Polestar's Executive Administrative Assistant.   She has 8 years of increasing operational responsibility supporting the owners in administrative office support and various human resource activities.  Her skills and activities include training coordination; recognition programs; managing agendas, correspondence, reports and presentation preparations and accounting support.  Samee also makes travel arrangements, reminds us to keep accurate and timely timekeeping and she keeps things stocked and cheerful around the office.    Samee has been with Polestar since March, 2008. 

Bill Peiffer

Senior Project Manager with 35+ years of diverse international operations, engineering, and project management experience that includes nuclear facility design, commissioning, operation, and decommissioning.  Extensive experience developing technical and operational solutions for the unique challenges associated with a wide range of nuclear facilities.   Broad based knowledge of nuclear safety, engineering, operations, and project management standards.

With Polestar since March, 2004



Andrea Prignano

Andrea has over 20 years experience in regulatory permitting, environmental management, waste management and process support.  She has supported Hanford projects as a Subject Matter Expert for RCRA, TSCA, and DOE Order 435.1 and spent over 2.5 years with the State of Washington, Department of Ecology, as the Dangerous Waste Permit Coordinator.  Andrea is experienced in regulatory interpretation, facility compliance, waste designation, environmental data collection, and preparation of environmental documentation. 


Andrea holds a Sc.B. in Chemistry from Brown University and Ph.D.  from Northwestern University. She will be helping us support the Energy Northwest contract by conducting an independent audit of its Environmental Program’s Oil and Hazardous Substances Spill Prevention, Control and Counter-Measure Plans to determine compliance with the Federal, State and Local Regulations for spill prevention, control, counter measures and reportability responsibilities.

Tom Rodovsky, PE

Senior Engineer with over 19 years of experience in the nuclear and environmental fields.  Known for versatility in providing technical expertise in safety documentation, radiation shielding analysis, waste characterization, accident and normal air emissions calculations and project management for a number of nuclear, environmental and engineering projects.   With Polestar since February, 2005

Marina Scofield

Marina is a Senior Program Support Specialist, with 25 years in marketing and business development and Account Management. For 14 years she helped manage a risk & reliability sofware group in the Aerospace and Nuclear industries at Optimized Systems & Solutions and for EPRI.  She is well versed in annual maintenance revenue collection, trade show support, and marcom activities.  She was also the assistant manager of the statistical department at California Casualty Management Insurance Co. for about 10 years where she helped manage workers compensation reporting  for Commercial insurance group accounts, managing a staff of a dozen.


Marina's current role supports the Marketing and Business Development efforts, including proposal development and RFP response and a range of marketing activities including brand development, web and content development, graphics and social media marketing, and various communications in print and digital.   She also supports organizational needs including procedures development and internal newsletter management.  Marina has been with Polestar since 2006.

Morgan Spaman

Morgan is a Technical Consultant and Certified Safety Professional with extensive experience in risk management, process safety management, industrial hygiene, fire prevention, emergency planning and emergency response.  Morgan is a skilled speaker, trainer and behavioral safety coach who believes that even the toughest and most dangerous jobs can be performed injury free, and was a key safety professional with a DOE organization that amassed over 6 million man-hours hours without a lost time accident.

Morgan holds degrees in Applied Science and Aerospace Management, and is a Certified Safety Professional.  He has been with Polestar since 2015.

Morgan Spaman

Jim Steffen

Jim is Management/Technical Professional with thirty-eight years diverse technical, operating and decommissioning/D&D experience at the Hanford Site.  Jim holds a Mark holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Washington State.  

Jim Steffen

Kari Vitaletti

Kari joined Polestar as a Senior Technical Consultant in 2016.  Her first assignment with Polestar is providing technical support to the DOE Office of River Protection for the Waste Treatment Plant Performance Assurance Manager performing tasks related to WTP engineering and quality oversight.  Kari is a Mechanical engineer with 30 years of diverse engineering experience including:  project engineering, project construction, decommissioning and demolition, nuclear safety basis and safety systems, conduct of operations, quality level procurement, startup testing, and commissioning.  Kari has expertise is in requirements identification and management for developing design criteria, work plans, and test plans as well as readiness reviews, regulatory assessments, bids and proposals.  Kari previously spent 5 years with Polestar from 2005-2010 and until recently has been a Project Engineer for infrastructure upgrades throughout the Los Alamos National Laboratory complex.

Gil Waldman

Gil joined Polestar as a Senior Technical Consultant in 2018.  His initial assignment with Polestar is providing technical support to the ARES/AVANTech contract related to the Hanford Tank Waste Cesium Extraction Project.  Gil holds a Bachelor's in nuclear engineering from the University of Florida and a Master's in engineering management from Johns Hopkins and possesses over 25 years of diverse experience at a number of locations across the DOE complex. Gil's primary areas of expertise include such disciplines as nuclear facility safety basis, integrated safety management, assessment program implementation, dose modeling, dispersion analysis, reactor operations, hazard analysis, probabilistic risk assessment, and root-cause analysis.

Gil also has experience as a licensed reactor operator and has provided contributions to the Yucca Mountain Project, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, and various national laboratories.

Gil Waldman

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