Polestar Core Values

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Our client's success is our priority.  We work with them to develop solutions to their most complex and challenging projects.

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Polestar Technical Services, Inc. specializes in risk reduction and liability solutions with a focus on cleanup of high-hazard work environments to safety accelerate progress and reduce long-term costs.

Polestar brings a full-service lifecycle approach to cleanup with proven processes, tools and people to make the vision real.

  • Subject matter experts to develop, implement and verify critical technical approaches and programmatic functions

  • Defensible processes and tools for a systematic and consistent approach

  • Project management to start and keep projects on track.

 Why Polestar

Polestar has more than 25 years of corporate experience in nuclear operations and facility D&D and has developed proven processes to aid the cleanup and shutdown of high-hazard facilities. 

Our services cover the full scope of facility shutdown from the front end planning once a shutdown order is received, all the way through the demolition.

Our Value Add

Polestar provides proven strategies and focused efforts through the lense of a requirements-based assessment methodology, with risk-based prioritization, detailed planning, organizational alignment, and work processes developed around an end-of-life model.  


Our breadth of experience and expertise includes 

organizational structure,  work process redesign, HR procedures, and maintenance activities to conduct of operations, emergency preparedness and nuclear safety strategies.


Polestar Core Values